Daily Announcements for Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Student Shared Folder

General Announcements @FMHighSchool:

  • Please clean your lockers and take all personal items when you leave tomorrow.  Items left behind will be discarded or donated.

FMHS Activities @FMHSActivities:

  • There will be a boys basketball meeting tomorrow at 1:15 PM in the varsity locker room.  The meeting is important, as summer activities will be covered during the meeting.
  • Good luck to the varsity softball team this evening at home against the Hawks of Central Lee.  First pitch is at 5:30 PM.

Volunteering Opportunity:

  • Velocity Dance Studio is looking for female volunteers to assist with their spring recital on Saturday, 6/30/18 from 2:00 to 6:00 PM.  If you are interested, please stop by the guidance office for more information.
  • The Eagles Club in Fort Madison will be hosting their 14th annual Mystery Ride, which benefits Lee and Des Moines County hospice care, on Saturday, 7/21/18 from 1:00 until 9:00 PM.  They will be in need of volunteers during the event.  If you are interested, please contact Jill Fink at 319-470-7516 for more information or to sign up.

Happy Birthday:

  • Happy birthday to Christopher Brown, Bryce Workman, Ms. Sara Ljungkull, and Ms. Deva Ross.
  • Happy birthday on August 30 to Gage Fullenkamp.

Lunch Menu:

  • Chicken tetrazzini w. breadstick or BBQ rib sandwich;
  • Raw broccoli w/ dip and/or California-blend vegetables;
  • Cherries and/or tropical fruit.

Word of the Day:

  •  Qualm – noun [kwalm]
    • An uneasy feeling of doubt, worry, or fear, especially about one’s own conduct; a misgiving.  As in: military regimes generally have no qualms about controlling the press.

This Day in History: 1806 – Revolutionary war veteran and future President Andrew Jackson kills Charles Dickinson in a duel in Kentucky, where dueling was legal at the time.

Fact of the Day: Andrew Jackson challenged Charles Dickinson to a duel in 1806 to defend the honor of his wife, who had been ostracized by society for marrying Jackson while technically still married to another man.  Jackson and Dickinson traveled to Kentucky from their homes in Tennessee to duel, as doing so in Tennessee was illegal.

Strange, but True:  Many duels during medieval times were fought at dawn.  Swordsmen often carried lanterns so that they could see each other while dueling.  This was such a common situation that fencing classes incorporated lanterns into their lessons.  Duelers  were even taught tricks with the lanterns to win against their opponents.

Quote of the Day:

Student Resource:

For Our Parents:


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