Daily Announcements for Monday, May 8, 2017

General Announcements @FMHighSchool:

  • Ms. Puga in the library has asked that all books be returned by Friday, 5/19/17.  The library staff has enjoyed seeing all of the students in the library this year and look forward to seeing you again in the fall.  If you’re not sure if you have books checked out, please email Ms. Puga or stop into the library.
  • FMHS is holding a peanut butter drive challenge.  The challenge will see which class can raise the most jars by Friday, 5/12/17.  Skippy peanut butter will be on sale at Hy-Vee on Friday and Saturday for $0.98.  Deliver your jars to the media center.

Activities @FMHSActivities:

  • Good luck to the boys tennis team as they travel to Fairfield to take part in the conference meet today.  Matches start at 9:00 AM.
  • Best of luck to the girls tennis team as they host the conference meet today.  Matches start at 9:00 AM.
  • Good luck to the boys soccer teams as they travel to Washington to take on the Demons this evening.  Games start at 4:30 PM.
  • Best of luck to the girls soccer team as they host the Demons of Washington at the Baxter Sports Complex tonight.  Game starts at 6:00 PM.

Volunteer Hours Available:

  • The Fort Madison Food Pantry to looking for volunteers for the following events.  Please contact Denise Fraise at dfraise@leecounty.org with questions or if you would like to volunteer:
    • Community Garden – an ongoing venture with multiple dates and times.
    • Iowa State Penitentiary tours – volunteers are needed on Sunday to help load food and to assist in checking visitors in.
  • In the coming months, Main Street will have several volunteering opportunities for students.  If you are interested in volunteering for the following events, please contact Cassie Gilbert at cgilbert@fortmadison.com or by phone at (319) 372-5471.
    • Mayhem on the Mississippi: Saturday, 5/13/17.  8:00 AM to 12:30 PM.  Multiple opportunities will be available, including setup/tear down, registration, cheering audience, and timers.
    • Main Street Grand Bazaar: Saturday, 6/3/17.  8:00 AM to 5:00 PM.  Several opportunities available including assistance with setup/tear down, registration, or creating interactive chalk art on Avenue G.
    • The Deport Farmer’s Market: Mondays from 3:00 to 6:00 PM.  Preferably, volunteers should be available multiple times.

Happy Birthday!

  • Happy birthday to Christopher McMillan and Audrae Vincent.

Lunch Menu:

  • Chicken patty sandwich or hot ham and cheese sandwich;
  • Celery sticks and/or winter blend vegetables;
  • Peaches and/or pears.

Word of the Day:  Synapse – noun [sin-apps]

  • A junction between two nerve cells:
    • The synapse configuration of a computer is nothing compared to the human brain.

This Day in History:  1945 – The United States celebrates Victory in Europe, or “VE Day,” to celebrate the end of World War II in Europe.

Fact of the Day:   While Victory in Europe was celebrated in May of 1945, victory in Japan would take an additional five months, and two atomic bombs to achieve, finally occurring on September 2, 1945.

Quote of the Day:

Did You Know?   There are more synapses (nerve connections) in your brain than there are stars in our galaxy.

Educational Technology:

For Parents:


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