Daily Announcements for Wednesday, March 22, 2017

General Announcements @FMHighSchool:

  • Any Freshman, Sophomore or Junior who would like to run for an officer for their class should  please see Ms. Harter in the guidance office, or Ms. Jones in the front office on or  before  Friday, 3/31/17.   Positions available are class presidents, vice presidents, and treasurers.  Juniors may also seek election for student body positions.
  • Applications have been opened for the construction, welding, and 12 Plus programs for next school year.  Students should check their emails or pick up an application in the counseling office if you are interested.  Applications are due in the counseling office by Monday, 4/3/17 if a student will be considered for one of these  programs.

Activities @FMHSActivities:

  • Bloodhound cheerleading tryouts are fast approaching!  Try-out practices will occur on Monday, 3/27/17, and Tuesday, 3/28/17 from 4:00 to 6:00 PM.  Try-outs will be at 5:30 PM on Wednesday, 3/28/17.

College Visits:

  • Southeastern Community College (SCC) will have a representative here during B lunch tomorrow.  If you would like to learn more about SCC please stop by their table at that time.

Volunteer Hours Available:

  • The FMHS kitchen is looking for volunteers to help with the service of food from 11:30 AM to 1:00 PM daily.  If you are interested, please see Ms. Hayler in the main office.
  • The West Point Community Club is looking for volunteers to help clean up the roadside on Saturday, 4/1/17.  Students interested in gaining volunteer hours or who just want to help can meet William Wuard at the shelter house in West Point Park at 9:00 AM.  Gloves and bags will be provided.
  • Student volunteers are needed for the elementary school carnival on Saturday, 4/8/17.  Please email Ms. Shelly Hoenig at shelly.hoenig@fmcsd.org if you are interested in helping out.

Happy Birthday!

  • Happy birthday to Jaycie Gordon and Weslee Strickland.

Happy UN-Birthday! (Celebrating Summer Birthdays)

  • Happy un-birthday to Aaron Bowen, JaShawn George, and Kaylie Winn (July 22).

Lunch Menu:

  • Spaghetti or chicken strips;
  • Green beans and/or baby carrots;
  • Tropical fruit and/or pears;
  • Breadstick.

Word of the Day:  Animosity – noun [an-i-moss-ity]

  • A strong feeling of dislike or hatred.  As in:
    • The intense rivalry created some animosity.

This Day in History:  1765 – In hopes of raising government revenues, the British government passes the Stamp Act, which levied a direct tax on all printed materials in the American colonies.  The act stirred a storm of protests in the colonies and the phrase “no taxation without representation” was born.

Fact of the Day:  The Stamp Act of 1765 gave rise to the Sons of Liberty-a group of tradesmen who would lead riots in Boston and other seaboard cities, igniting animosity between the British and Americans, and eventually leading the two sides to war.

Quote of the Day:

Did You Know?   In the 2011 census for the Czech Republic, 15,000 people listed their religion as “Jedi.”

Educational Technology:

For Parents:


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