Elliot Test Kitchen

Hello Bloodhound Nation!

I hope you have heard in recent months about the opening of a new facility in downtown Fort Madison called the Test Kitchen.  This is a place where students can attend after school free of charge and receive top-notch instruction by motivated tutors and have a free dinner after the tutoring session.  We can provide additional help with homework, large assignments and projects, test prep, ACT prep, scholarship assistance, while also providing free availability to college coursework via MOOCs.

We want anyone to be able to participate in the services provided by the Test Kitchen and therefore we require that you and a parent only complete the 2015-2016 Test Kitchen Application.  We have improved the application to allow for greater flexibility with student scheduling.  Students who do NOT have this completed will be asked to complete the application before they’re allowed to participate in the Test Kitchen activities.

You can schedule sessions based on how much or how little you need them.  For example, you can sign up once a month or twenty times a month.  You will schedule yourself or have a parent schedule you electronically and it will be done on a first come first serve basis.  Please review the student application and if you have any questions feel free to contact us directly at andrew.troxel@fmcsd.org or brent.zirkel@fmcsd.org.


Thanks again and we hope to see you soon!!


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